About Us

Mine Source Auctions is the world’s only online auctioneer dedicated to the mining industry.

We understand buyers look for quality equipment at good prices. As well, we know mining companies need to liquidate surplus equipment with integrity at fair market value.

We are mining industry veterans bringing the worlds buyers and sellers together in one place.

Mine Source Auctions is leading the industry when it comes to efficiency, transparency, and value in mine surplus and scrap metal liquidation.

Mine Source Auctions is headquartered in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, one of the largest mine service and supply districts in the world.

Two founding brothers, Matt and Mark Alexander grew up around the mining sector and started Mine Source Auctions to help service the mining sector – not just in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada but also around the globe.

In a nutshell, we are experts in helping companies sell their surplus mining equipment. We have over 90 years combined experience in this sector and have become world leaders in moving equipment that might be used and years old – but still worth tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue for companies.

We leverage our vast networks of people and companies who are in the market for buying used mining equipment and broker the deals for our clients. All they do is set the bottom line price and we do the rest; in many cases, businesses don’t even know what their used equipment is worth.

At the end of the day, we are used mining equipment experts who help mining companies not only sell their used equipment – but also make profit off of it. This is a dramatic shift for mining companies because in the past they always had someone internally selling the equipment as an afterthought.

Traditionally, mining companies didn’t have anyone focused specifically on selling off equipment and because of that they didn’t have developed networks. This meant equipment often sold well below value. Good for the buyers but bad for the sellers. Now as experts in this area, this is starting to change. Companies want more corporate accountability when it comes to finances and resources – and they want more transparency in the process.

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