KPI 650KVA Portable Substation

KPI 650KVA Portable Substation
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Vendors Description:

Manufacturer: KPI Industrial Controls Inc.

Model: KPI-650KVA-SUB

Location: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


  • 650kVA Portable Mine Power Center c/w New Transformer, EnclosureJust Painted and new control wiring and Ground Fault Monitoring is New.
  • One 650 KVA Portable Power Center To Include:
  • The power center will be designed for use in a three phase, 60 Hz resistance grounded system:

Input: 4,160 Delta VAC, three phase 60 Hz

Output: 600 Wye VAC, three phase 60 Hz

  • One (1) 5KV, 600 amp, three pole, and gang operated non-load break switch with front operator, padlocking provisions and viewing window.
  • High Voltage Switch to be interlocked with switch high voltage access doors.
  • Three (3) high voltage fusing SM5 C/W Fuse holders.
  • Three (3) distribution class lightning arrestors (new).
  • Four (4) grounding ball studs for use of ground cluster (new).
  • One (1) Ground current limiting resistor, 23ohm 15 amps continuous.
  • One (1) Startco, SE-325, neutral ground resistor monitor.
  • One (1) Startco, ER-600VC, continuously rated sensing resistor.
  • One (1) CT, 200:5

Transformer type: 650KVA Ventilated dry type transformer construction

  • Ratings: Primary KVA/Voltage: 600 KVA @ 4,160 Delta
  • Secondary # KVA/Voltage: 650 KVA @ 600Y/347 5% to 6% Z
  • Phase: Three
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Windings: Copper
  • Taps: +2, -2 @2.5%
  • Underground Mining Application
  • Film coated copper windings rated 200 degree C
  • C802.2 Energy Efficiency
  • CSA certification.

600 VAC Section to Include the Following:

  • Three (3) 250 Amp Frame Breaker, 225 Amp O/L Trip
  • One (1) ñ 100 Amp Frame Breaker, 100 Amp O/L Trip
  • One (1) ñ 60 Amp Frame Breaker, 60 Amp O/L Trip
  • One (1) ñ 30 Amp Frame Breaker, 30 Amp O/L trip
  • Six (6) SE-105 Ground fault Monitors
  • One (1) SE-100T GF Test
  • Six (6) ñ RK105 Remote Reset and Ground Fault Indication.


  • 0-750 VAC analog voltmeter
  • 0-5 acc analog ac ammeter 0-250 amp
  • CT2560-300:5A current transformer 300:5 ratio 1.5î window
  • Selector switch cam type phase indication
  • PT-2660-05 75VA Potential Transformer
  • Enclosure to be Heavy Duty with non-certified dragging eyeís but no Fork Lift Pockets.

Approximate Dimensions

  • Height 5 Feet, 2 Inches
  • Length 9, Feet 2 Inches
  • Width 4, Feet 3 Inches


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