Product Information


Allis Chalmers


Ball Mill, Size: 12.5 ft Dia. x 15 ft L


Qty: Five (5), identical Ball Mills available


C-1713, C-1714, C-1715, C-1925, C-1926

Year of Manufacture

1965, 1965, 1965, 1967, 1967


Mills were reported to be in excellent running condition when shut down in 2013

Additional Information

Mill RPM: 17.1
Discharge Type: Wet Overflow
Main Bearings: 54in. Dia. x 26in. Long Babbitted
Pinion Bearings: Fischer No 2324GPL Spherical
Clutch: Witchita No. 336 Ventilated Air Clutch
Lubrication: Lubritrol Lube System
Shell Thickness: 2 inch
Liners: Steel
Bull Gear: Single Helical, 22in. face, with 293 teeth
Pinion: Single Helical, 22in. face, with 21 teeth
Gear Spray: Farval Model: LEG-4
Electric Motors: , Make: General Electric, Type: Synchronous, HP: 1500, RPM: 240, Volts: 4160, Phase: 3, Hz: 60, Amps: 185,
Frame: 6385M
Duty: Cont., Motor Starter Control
Field Panels: , Type: Limitamp, Make: General Electric,
Model: CR194A118A2
Interrupting Rating: 350 MVA, Volts/Ph/Hz: 4160/3/60, Type: Stat-x-ator Excitation Sequencing and Protection CAT: EN225052
Spare Components: , Spare Rotor: , Spare Stator: , Spare Pinions x 2: , Spare Trunnion Bearing
Additional Pictures: Available for each individual mill
Overhead Crane: Mill aisle has a fully functioning 35/5 ton overhead crane available
Maintenance Records: Available in digital format
Drawings: Available in digital format
Pricing: Bid price is stated per individual mill.
Site Inspections: Available Upon Request

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